Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Smiling

I'm sitting in front of my computer working on my next Heartwarming.  It's Jake Farraday's story.  He's the forest ranger who helped rescue the bear in the first Scorpion Ridge book Katie's Rescue.

Jake's story will be the fifth in the series - possibly released in Jan.

In June, the fourth Scorpion Ridge book comes out.  It's called Small-town Secrets.  About a minute ago, I got a tweet from my editor letting me know it's featured on the Harlequin Facebook page.  Me, I'd love to see a stampede of friends go over there and ewwwww and ahhhhhh.

Click here. I promise you won't explode

Yolanda and Adam are thinking "Victorian's take a lot of work!
Good thing we're in this together... forever."

LOL, in reality, I'm getting ready to go to my day job.  I'm a teacher and we're drawing close to finals week and my freshman are angsting over their argument paper the way I'm angsting over word count in Jake's story.

Something cool happened this week, though.  When someone types your name in a Facebook post, you get tagged.  I got a tag message and looked into a post written by someone I've not seen in probably twenty years.  Not since I was a first grade teacher.  Here's what my past student, Ashan, wrote:

My 1st grade teacher Pamela Tracy was the 1st teacher ever to tell me about Martin Luther king jr. Even know my class was super young and couldn't completely understand the impact he had on the world but I remember her explaining how him and others protested and made their point thru the use of non violence.   

This week, my editor Adrienne made me smile.
This week, a student from my past made me smile.

Life is good.

So, what has made you smile this week?


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mothers Deserve to be Spoiled

Would you like to celebrate Mother's Day with Harlequin Heartwarming books, a Mother’s Day brunch or spa, and Harlequin MyRewards points? We'll be announcing the details of our giveaway in our May 3rd post.

Watch for it and join in the fun!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Case of the 900 dollar 'n'

Dana Mentink here. This is sad to report, but my 'n' fell off. I suppose this is to be expected when one turns 47, but it popped right off my keyboard in the middle of a paragraph replete with literary genius. No problem, I told myself, and off I went to the computer store to buy a new keyboard. I am told, by the radiant Matilda, that my iPad is obsolete, such a stegasauras in fact, that there is no keyboard anywhere in the known universe that can possibly connect to this relic. One could try to find an ancient model on Amazon, but one will have to wait a few days, if one is indeed lucky enough to find one. Wait? With three deadlines looming? I throw myself on the mercy of the dashing Marco who shows me how to snatch my works of genius from the cloud and zap them into a fancy new unit. I tell Marco that should I ever have any more children, I am naming them all Marco.

Can you guess what happens next? Yep. I upgrade my iPad, keyboard and the whole nine yards. Good news? I have an 'n' and I can now type at a blistering rate of speed. Bad news? I'm out 900 clams. Sigh. It's not easy being me. It wasn't easy being Marco, either, as I hovered over his delicate information transfer like an astronaut supervising a space capture.

How are you all doing out there with your technology? Are you keeping up or do you find your igizmos and android thingys are aging faster than you are? 

It's April and Flowers

It’s April and flowers!

I’m Kathleen Wright, writing as Kathy Damp, new to the Harlequin Heartwarming family of authors. It’s great to meet you.

And I'm Patricia Bradley, and not so new to the Heartwarming family.

Welcome to Spring! At least it’s Spring in Utah where I live in the Rocky Mountains and where Pat lives in North Mississippi. In Utah we just passed the lilac season and are blowing into the snowball bush season. Makes me happy because that means bike riding season is here!

Pat here--Do you remember the frozen buds last month?

I thought you might like to see what they look like now.

Want to get to know us?

Since I’m brand new to the Harlequin Heartwarming family (first book out in June) and Pat had her first title, Matthew’s Choice, out in September 2014, how about you get to know us?

Questions readers ask us

Here are some questions that readers toss our way whenever we meet them (and we love to meet them, whether online or in person).

“Do the things that happen in your books happen to you in real life?”

Kathleen: In Waiting for Sparks, my very first Harlequin Heartwarming story, there’s a peripatetic Border Collie who presents the heroine, Emma, with some challenges. Wait till you read what his name is. I hope you laugh. Sometimes I read about things that I think would be fun to work into a book. And my friends know that whatever they say and do just might end up in a story.

Pat: In Matthew's Choice, the kitten storyline was taken straight from my life. Like Matthew, I found a kitten on a parking lot and took it home.

“Are your heroes based on guys you know?”

Pat: I wish! My characters come from straight from my head. lol. I'm sure they all have bits and pieces people I hang out with, though.

Kathleen: Guys I’ve seen, known, and made up in my head. I think my heroes are the best bits of lots of people and then some bad habits as well, to keep it interesting. I’ll be interested in who Sparks reminds you of in Waiting for Sparks. A lot of him is based on a certain TV show host.

“My friends tell me I should write a romance. How do I start so I get published?

Kathleen: You are in luck! is giving you some help. For details on bootcamps and this year’s contest, join the community of romance readers and authors, and follow Harlequin on Twitter at @sytycwglobal and @HarlequinBooks and on Facebook.

Pat: Kathleen has a great idea! Harlequin is one of the most open publishers in the publishing world. Writer's don't have to have an agent to pitch a story to them. And it's always good to submit your stories to contests. The final judges are usually editors and/or agents.

Our newest books

Check out Pat’s book by clicking here:

Check out Waiting for Sparks by clicking here:

See you next month and I’ll leak some secrets about the secrets in Waiting for Sparks!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fling Giveaway Winners Announced!

Our Spring Fling Giveaway is over. We would like thank everyone who participated. We had a lot of fun connecting with old friends and new readers! Now it's our pleasure to announce the winners of our prize packs.

Our first prize pack contains:

The Truth About Hope by Kate James
Katia’s Promise by Catherine Lanigan
Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock
A Case for Forgiveness by Carol Ross

and the winner's choice of one of Elizabeth Heiter's current releases

And the winner is: Heather P.!

Our second prize pack contains:

The Long Road Home by Lynn Patrick
Man of His Word by Cynthia Reese
Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow
Firefly Nights by Cynthia Thomason

and the winner's choice of one of Elizabeth Heiter's current releases

And the winner is: Laurie!

Our grand prize winner receives all eight books, along with an “ever-blooming” spring garden, consisting of a bouquet of 13 white daisies, two periwinkle blue alliums and a set of 13 black-eyed Susans, a retail value of over $150 US, before shipping.

Photos and “ever-blooming” flowers from Gardener’s Supply Company (

. . . and the winner's choice of one of Elizabeth Heiter's current releases

The grand prize winner is: Andrea B.!

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to everyone who participated. Check back here on Sunday, May 3rd for the kick off of another exciting giveaway just in time for Mother's Day!

Happy spring . . . and happy reading!

(Please note, prize packs can only be shipped to a continental US or Canadian address. International winners will receive the books only, in e-book format.)

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sit-Down Saturday with Carol Ross


The past has its place…in the past! 
Innkeeper Shay James has been telling herself for a decade that she's over her ex-fiancĂ©, Jonah Cedar. But now the Chicago attorney's come home to care for his ailing grandfather, reawakening powerful feelings—along with painful memories. Shay can't afford to repeat history. 
At twenty-two, Jonah couldn't wait to trade his secluded Alaska hometown for big-city success. Shay was supposed to share that dream. Yet even with unresolved issues between them, their connection is stronger than ever. Jonah's visit was only going to be temporary…until a threat to Shay's beloved Faraway Inn gives him a reason to stay and fight for that second chance.

Where did you get the idea for A Case for Forgiveness?

The idea for this one was definitely character based. The heroine, Shay James, has a bit part in the first book in the Seasons of Alaska series as owner of the Faraway Inn and cousin of Mountains Apart hero Bering James. There is just something about her…  She's spunky--loyal, generous and thoughtful, but she also has a quick temper and a stubbornness that can (does) get her into trouble.  She’s so lovably flawed while she valiantly struggles with the hand fate has dealt her… She just had to have her own story.  And I'm so grateful to my editor Kathryn Lye who helped me figure out some critical plot details.

In looking at the cover, if you could add a caption or captions, what would they say?

Thank you, Harlequin, for the perfect cover? Okay, that might not be that great as a caption, but I do love it.  How about…forgiveness is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves. 

Who was your favorite character and why?

I am going to pick two because they are pretty much a team--Gramps and Doc.  Gramps (aka Caleb) is the hero’s grandfather and Doc is his long-time friend. They are loosely based on my own dad (who was called Papa by his family) and his friend of roughly sixty years, Warren. The joking, teasing, bickering, and unwavering love and loyalty were a joy for me to write.  I think Papa may have had a hand in helping me with some of the dialogue from his favorite fishing hole up in heaven.

What music would match the mood of this novel?

Country music fans think Rascal Flatts…. The beginning is ‘What Hurts the Most’ and ‘Prayin’ for Daylight’ while the end is ‘Bless the Broken Road’, with touches of ‘I Melt’ and ‘Mayberry’ throughout the entire book.

What is your favorite scene?

I love the scene where Jonah is playing bingo with the Senior Circle. Cynical about returning to Rankins and used to his action-packed big-city attorney lifestyle, needless to say he’s very reluctant to attend. But he soon gets caught up in the spirit of it. I got the biggest kick out of writing it, and this is where Jonah first begins to see that maybe Rankins isn’t quite as bad as he remembers even as he realizes his connection to Shay is just as strong as he recalls...

Tell us one thing you learned during research.

One of the best things about writing this series is researching the state of Alaska. I’m always learning something new and getting lost in (and inspired by) the most stunning photographs.  But for this book in particular I’m going to go with estate law and the Alaska Homestead Act. I was fascinated to learn that homesteading was possible in Alaska until 1986 (no, that’s not a typo).

How many books does this make for you? Exactly what does that mean to you?

A Case for Forgiveness is my second published novel. This one is huge for me in terms of confidence. I kept thinking with the first one that maybe it was just a fluke, that there had been some kind of mistake, or that my editor hadn’t really read it… I also love this book because it was the first time I made myself cry while writing--that felt like a milestone, too!

What do you plan to work on next? 

I am just finishing up book four in the Seasons of Alaska series and waiting on revisions for book three, which is due to be released in October. So very excited!

What are you reading for pleasure right now?

John Sandford’s Deadline, number eight in his Virgil Flowers series. John Sandford is one of my all-time favorite authors--I read everything he publishes. (I dream of going fishing with Virgil…)

And don't forget! There's still time to enter the Heartwarming Spring Fling!

 Awesome prizes & easy to enter--I promise!
Enter Here!