Sit-down Saturday with Virginia McCullough

It’s another Sit-down Saturday! Today we’re celebrating Virginia McCullough’s May release, Love, Unexpected, Book 3, and the final book in her Two Moon Bay series. 
Are you sorry to see the Two Moon Baby series end? 
VIRGINIA: Oh, of course! I’m going to miss Andi and Zeke, along with Brooke, Andi’s daughter, a “horse girl,” and Art, Zeke’s dad, who’s dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury. I’ll also miss Two Moon Bay’s waterfront and the town itself. I feel a little said, like I did as a young girl when the “Little House” series came to an end. 
Truthfully, I didn’t start out to write a series. Book 1, Girl in the Spotlight came to me as a full story by itself. Only after I began writing did I realize other people absolutely had to have their own stories. This has happened to me before, and I end up thinking, “Life goes on! What happens next?”
How do you decide who needs a story? 
These people we so lightly call characters tell me, more or less. In this case, the stories started wi…

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