By Train

By Beth Carpenter
Have you ever noticed that the people who live in popular vacation areas don’t always take advantage of the sightseeing opportunities that tourists come from all over to see? Or maybe it’s just me.
We’ve lived in Anchorage since 1990, but it took a visit from my daughter and her boyfriend to inspire us to book a winter trip on the Alaska Railroad. We flew to Fairbanks on Saturday morning and took the train back on Sunday, a twelve-hour journey. 
Compared to airplanes, train travel is laid-back and luxurious, with wide seats, legroom, and the ability to wander. It wasn’t quite up to the standards of one of my favorite Agatha Christie stories, Murder on the Orient Express, but then no one was murdered, either.

The train wasn’t full, so we were able to move up and claim a table at the front of the car where we played dominos while watching the scenery go by. We had lunch in the dining car and beer from the local breweries in the bistro car, and must have seen at least …

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